Vistaliner Story

Below is a list of the major differences and benefits of Grand Canyon Airlines' Vistaliner and the upgraded avionics package in each aircraft, which is now the standard avionics package in most of GCA's Vistaliner fleet.

2 each KMA24H-71Audio Panel
1 each KX-155Comm/Nav
1 each Garmin GNS430Comm/Nav/GPS
1 each KN-62ADME
1 each 331A-3GH.S.I. with Glidescope
1 each KI-204Nav Indicator
1 each KT-76ATransponder
1 each D120-P2-TEncoder (20,000') [note: 2 each installed in N174GC]
1 each C-14Compass System
1 each CVR-30Cockpit Voice Recorder (or equivalent model)
1 each RDS-81Color Weather Radar System
1 each MK-VIGround Proximity Warning System
1 each ALT-55BRadar Altimeter
1 each Bendix-KingTCAS I
1 each GX-55G.P.S.
1 each KR-87A.D.F. (only installed on N171GC, N173GC, and N178GC)
1 each Sandel STE3400Terrain Avoidance Warning System
1 each MD-41/TCAS

Aircraft Upgrades and Modifications

  • All aircraft have Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
  • Engines have igniters which replaced the older glow plugs
  • All aircrafts have the Vistaliner large window modification
  • All aircrafts have Zee System air conditioning
  • All aircrafts have lead acid batteries and the auxiliary batteries have been removed
  • All aircrafts have a new digital tour narration system
  • All aircrafts are have 4-bladed quiet props