Grand Canyon Deluxe with Harley


per adult


per child

Duration: 9.5 hours hotel to hotel
  • Air Transportation from Las Vegas
  • Access to Grand Canyon National Park
  • Ground tour on Harley Davidson motorcycles to two famous viewpoints
  • Light meal
  • All equipment is provided (Jacket, Helmet, Gloves)
  • Hotel to Hotel Transfers

Important Notes:

To ride by yourself: you must be 21 years of age, you must have your motorcycle license, and you must be able to comfortably reach the pedals and handles.

To be a passenger: you must be at least 14 years of age and able to reach the foot pegs comfortably.

Take adventure by the horns as you explore the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon by air and by Harley. Guests are picked up from their Las Vegas hotel then flown from Boulder City in a 65 minute fixed-wing airplane that takes you over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and along the beautiful Colorado River. The adventure continues by guided Harley tour as everything that is needed is provided including a Jacket, Helmet, fuel and Insurance. Cruise amid the giant monolithic towers and along the mile deep walls that were cut out by the Colorado River over millions of years.

Take in the textures, the sites, and the sounds that only the Grand Canyon can provide. The rustic stillness, mixed with iron rich colors will spark your imagination and gently change your life for the better. Life is made up of experiences, and this is an experience that you must live. A boxed lunch is provided before you are flown back to Boulder City over the beautiful Colorado River that snakes its way across the landscape. Complimentary drop off and pick up services are included from most Las Vegas hotels.

Request an Airplance window seat?

Our "Window Seat Request" allows you to request the window seats of the aircraft you will be touring in. While every seat aboard any of our touring aircraft have a great view, the window seats offer a bit more, utterly unobstructed, photo opportunities.

If the aircraft is capable of accommodating your request (which is highly likely) then the price per window seat is $10. This charge is payable when your request is confirmed after check-in. We accept most major credit cards as well as cash & travelers cheque.

Charge to Request: Free

Charge if Confirmed: $10.00