Ford Tri-Motor Special Events

June 2003

By special invitation, the Ford Tri-Motor (5-AT-74) participates at the Ford Motor's Company's 100 Year Centennial Anniversary Celebration in Dearborn, Michigan. It joined the EAA's Ford Tri-Motor 4-AT, NC8047, in a special event where the Ford Tri-Motors landed at the original Ford Airport and what was first paved runway in the world (now the FMC Dearborn Proving Grounds) which was the hallowed ground where both airplanes first took flight over seventy fives years ago. A few weeks later the 5-AT-74 also participated at Oshkosh Air Venture 2003 flying in a 'Tri-Motor Reunion' with the EAA Ford Tri-Motor, a Bushmaster 2000, a Stinson Tri-Motor and a JU-52.

September 2003

At the National Air Tour 2003, the 5-AT-74 joined nearly 30 other historic golden age aircraft in the recreation of the National Air Tour from 1932, flying over 4500 miles in 18 days. You can read much more at

November 2003

The 5-AT-74 returned to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at the request of the City of Phoenix to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the first flight in a Ford Tri-Motor from the airport that Grand Canyon Airlines (initially known as Scenic Airways) on November 18, 1928. Guests on board included the honorable Mayor of Phoenix, Skip Rimza.

September 4, 2004

Grand Canyon Airlines celebrated the 75th birthday of the 5-AT-74 by offering rides to the public along with GCA employees, friends, and family members. Special guest Janie Stanton, the grand-daughter of William B. Stout who designed the Ford 80 years earlier, sat in the right seat on the first flight of the morning, 75 years to the day of 5-AT-74's first flight in Dearborn, Michigan.