Grand Canyon West Rim

When your family visits the Grand Canyon West, you can discover the excitement of Hualapai Ranch (a recreation of a Wild West town), experience the exhilaration of standing atop the Skywalk Bridge, or simply share a meal together along the canyon rim. This region of the canyon features uniquely sculpted walls, accessible on foot. Grand Canyon Airlines' plane tours over the West Rim offer fantastic aerial perspectives to hidden gems of the park including Eagle Point - a naturally-eroded rock face resembling a massive eagle, and Guano Point - a narrow peninsula of land jutting from the rim and into the center of the canyon. Seeing these marvelous sights from the sky is an opportunity not to be missed!

Tours from Grand Canyon West Rim

Native Explorer Tour with Legacy

Duration: Flight duration is approximately 20 minutes

Destination: Grand Canyon West Rim

Includes: Airplane | Bus

Starting Price: $169

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